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Unpopular Opinion Time

As much as I love Beyoncé, and as much as I love her new song… it makes her look like a hypocrite.

She’s over here trying to stand for women’s rights, and yet she calls girls bitches in her new song.

I mean, >I< understand that she doesn’t mean anything by it, and >I< understand that the word ‘bitch’ doesn’t always have a negative connotation behind it, but not everyone understands that.

Hell, I say ‘bitch’ all the time, but I’m also not the poster person for Chime For Change, a global campaign to raise funds and awareness for girls’ and women’s empowerment. And calling another girl/woman a word with a negative stigma does not help women empowerment.

But hey, I’m still going to shake my ass to the song whenever it comes on.

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    "I know when you were a little girl, you dreamnt of being in my world." But I totally agree with you. Men can be...
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    For real though, have you seen these Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki blogs. Run by men who are absolutely bitches…
  5. medusamirabal said: I know! It’s strange. I feel like she doesn’t even have to come out & say that she’s been number one. It’s a known fact. And her declaring it kind of shows an insecure side of her I am sooo not used to seeing. O_O
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    But who says she was talking about women in her song? The song was meant for everyone who’s been bashing her for no...